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Fairy Party Ideas


There are so many different ways of creating a unique and delightful Fairy Party.

Here are some ideas to help make your parties exciting and delightful.

Fairy Invitations

Beautiful fairy invitations and matching partyware are available from party and fairy shops or you can be creative with your computer using fonts and graphics to create your own fairy party invitations.   Search your stationery shop for beautiful fairy and flower stationery.   Take a photograph of the birthday child dressed up in all her fairy finery and include the photo in the invitation.    Involve your child with creating the invitations by letting her decorate them with glitter and fairy charms.

Write a magical verse such as

Far, far away in a magical place
Sits a small garden fairy, with her soft, smiling face.
She sits and she waits in the warm summer sun.
Please say you a will join her for food games and fun.
With fairy wings, fairy dust and flowers galore.
Butterflies, toadstools and so much more.
November 13th this magical day.
Dress in your fairy best, garden fairies come and play!

Every fairy attending the party will need a wand, so send Fairy Wand Invitations.   Visit your local party shop and buy cardboard star cutouts and balloon sticks.   You can hot glue ribbon to the sticks, spray them silver, or dip them in glue and glitter.   Glue the star to the balloon stick and add some pretty curling ribbon.   Print out your invitations and roll them up and tie them to the wand with a pretty ribbon and hand deliver to all your guests.

Make your invitations into a garland necklace, use coloured paper, cut into flowers, use straw strips between each flower then with each separate paper flower write important information for the big day, make sure you mention they must wear their colourful garland necklace on the day.

Create flower shaped invitations with all the petals folding down in to a circle so when opened it is like a blooming flower.   Inside it could say

Come to where the fairies roam, a beautiful forest they call their home, we will dance and play, to celebrate …….. Birthday

Buy artificial flowers in different styles, a different flower for each child (lily, tulip, rose, gardenia, iris, sunflower, daffodil, daisy) make up a cardboard tag and tie it with ribbon to the stem, stating the date of the party, the time and the name of the flower which would be their flower fairy name. Invite each guest to come as their own flower fairy on the day.


Fairy Decorations

Create a fairyland for your child with easy, simple props.    Scour your Christmas decorations for fairy lights.    Combine these with tulle and ribbons.   Tulle is very inexpensive and can be purchased from any discount fabric store.    Create swags over windows with delicate fairy lights peeping from behind, with more swags on the party table.    Simple gather your tulle and tie with curling ribbon or fishing line to create rosettes.    Add ivy and butterflies and make bows out of tulle in contrasting colours.

Indoors or out, you can create a magical fairy grotto using a shade tent. Swag with tulle, use artificial flowers and lots of ribbons and bows to decorate.     Drape a mosquito net from the centre of the tent and pull up into the corners.     Use whatever greenery and flowers you have growing in your garden to decorate, add some potted palms.   Set your table in the centre of the grotto, scour your linen cupboards for a large white sheet or tablecloth, swag with tulle.  Use miniature balloons (5”) in soft pink colours to decorate your swags.

Tie tulle around your chairs and tie into a big bow at the back, have tiny balloons cascading down on silver ribbons.   Let your imagination run riot.   Fairy themed tableware will complete the magical grotto.    Create paper mache toadstools in advance, your child can decorate them for the big day.   Have cardboard cut out stars on the floor – fairy footsteps.

Hire a helium cylinder and inflate purple pink and white balloons, have them floating from the ceiling, use long tulle or organza ribbons to hang to the floor, or silver curling ribbons, add cardboard cut out stars and butterflies.   Sprinkle fairy dust (fine glitter) everywhere.   For an extra touch of magic, hire a battery operated bubble machine.


Fairy Craft

Make fairy wands as for the invitations, but give the children extra glass beads and lots of ribbon to decorate them.   Make sure you have adult supervision if using hot glue guns.

Buy tinsel garland from craft stores to make fairy halo circlets – cut one piece of garland large enough to fit around a child’s head, twist the ends together, cut several pieces of curling ribbon in pink, purple and silver, fold in half over the back of the circlet and secure in place with a staple.

Make Jingle Fairy Bracelets – buy silver bells and pretty beads to be strung on elastic strings, finish of with delicate satin ribbons.

Buy tiny dolls from your craft stall and artificial gerberas.  Supply each child with some tulle to dress their fairy, then glue them to the centre of the gerbera to make a sleeping fairy child.


Fairy Food & Drink

Keep it simple and keep it pink.  

Fairy Pearls
Thread mini pink and white marshmallows onto bamboo skewers.

Magic fruit wands 
Make fruit kebabs using pink coloured fruit – strawberries, and melon.  Cut you melon into shapes using mini cookie cutters.

Fairy Floss
Buy pre packaged fairy floss or hire a machine and make your own.

Fairy wings 
Cook chicken wings in pink sauce – use beetroot for a light natural colouring.

Fairy Bread
Lightly butter bread and cut into shapes using cookie cutters, sprinkle with hundreds and thousands.

Cabbage Patch Dip
Hollow out a large dark green cabbage.   Place your container of dip in the centre and use leaves to conceal it.     Place rice crackers in terracotta flower pots.

Fairy Champagne
Use pink lemonade and serve in disposable champagne glasses.   Add a strawberry to the bottom and a pink paper umbrella .

Fairy Crystals
Have plenty of jugs of cold water filled to the top with cracked ice.

A simple sponge cake can be iced with butterflies and fresh flowers.  Cut a slab cake into the shape of a butterfly.     There are endless ideas for fairy cakes, ask you child what she would prefer.

Fairy Games

Flower Pot Toss
Fill terracotta flower pots with sand and stand a flower upright in each pot.  Make rings using rope and bind the ends together with tape.   Play the game by throwing the rings over the flowers.    Each time a hoop surrounds the flower the child wins a small prize.

BugBag Toss
Use bug shaped beanie babies and terracotta flower pots.   The bugs have to be tossed into a flowerpot to win a prize.

Fairy Musical Chairs
Use the chairs you have decorated with tulle bows to make the game special.

Fairy Treasure Hunt
Spray sea shells gold and silver.   Buy little glass stones from dollar shops.   Add in chocolate coins, lip gloss, large glass beads, cheap jewellery and glitter bags.   Hide them in the garden and send the fairies off to find them.

Fairy Statues
Played to the music of “Nutcracker”, when the music turns off the children must stay still until the music turns on again, as the children get out they are awarded with a magic wand – they then cue up to turn the music off and on.

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn
The same to pin the tail on the donkey but use a large picture of a Unicorn.

Magic Present
As the guests sit in a circle a present is passed around until the music stops the child left holding the present chooses a prize from the prize table. Have a selection of cheap little knick knacks from dollar stores.

Giant Fairy Bubbles
Buy giant bubble wands and have the children blow bubbles in the garden.

Toadstool Stomp
Fill your party area with white balloons and draw red spots on them with a marker pen.   Let the fairies stomp on them until they burst.  You can add treasure slips to some of the balloons so the fairies can claim their prize.

Fairy Piñata
Fairy themed piñatas are available from most party supply shops butterfly, fairy, unicorn, dragon, castle etc anything that continues the fairy theme

Fairy Entertainers

Hire a fairy to come and entertain your children.      Fairies will often bring wings, halos and other props with them.    Many fairies will organise fairy games and face painting.   Check with your entertainer what the planned activity program will be.


Fairy Jumping Castle

Fairy themed jumping castles are available, consult out web site.

Fairy Party Favours

Organza bags are available from any dollar or craft store, add a real gold dollar coin inside and a message from the tooth fairy.

Buy little heart shaped balloons from your party shop, inflate and pop onto a balloon stick, add curling ribbon as a beautiful party favour.

When it’s all over watch the DVD Barbies Nutcraker or Barbies Fairy Utopia while you are waiting for the last parents to come and collect their little fairies.