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While the main aim of a party is to have fun, parties are important for other reasons too. A party is a great opportunity for children to experience and learn basic social skills in a fun atmosphere. Learning to say 'hello' and 'goodbye', 'please' and 'thank you' are all part of growing up and having a party is a fun way to learn. Joining in, sharing, being a good winner or a gracious loser will all be learned at a well organized, fun party.

Make a list of things to do and check them as you complete each task. This will keep you on track and leaves nothing to chance.

List such things as

  • menu
  • food shopping
  • invitations and guests
  • birthday cake
  • decorating
  • entertainment

Length of Party

Parties for young children should never be to long. An ideal time is  one and a half to two hours and two to three hours for older children.

Number of Guests

You don’t want your party to get out of hand.    It might be a nice idea to invite every child in the pre-school class, but can you handle 30 five year olds?   Select an easy to manage number - six to 12 for young children, and a maximum of 18 for older age groups.   Invite enough friends to make the day fun without chaos.


Send out invitations one to two weeks before the party.    Make sure you include the child’s name, the date and time of the party, where it is being held, an RSVP date and your contact number.   If you child’s birthday falls during school holidays, consider sending out the invitations before school ends, or making sure you have contact numbers for school friends. 


Keep it simple, children are there to have fun, not a gourmet meal.   Children don’t go looking for sugary or greasy party foods they are usually happy to eat whatever is on the menu.     Choosing simple foods will ensure you don’t have hyperactive or hard to control childen.  Consult our web site for some really great simple party food.

Always have plenty of cold water and make sure the children drink it – dress up spring water bottles in your party theme.


Do it yourself or hire in an entertainer.   Only you can make the choice, but if you decide to do it yourself, enlist the help of a couple of friends.   Select an entertainer who is happy working with your children’s age group, and make sure the birthday child is happy with your choice of entertainer.

Contingency Plan

We are blessed with a warm climate and most children’s parties are held outside, but make contingency plans for wet weather and if the party moves inside, put away all breakables.  Children will get excited and treasures can get broken.

Running Sheet

Make up a run sheet for the day – your party is only going to run for a couple of hours and you want to make sure you do all the planned activities.

Make sure you give the children a drink on arrival and have a couple of party games to settle them in.

If you have booked an entertainer have them arrive half an hour after the children.  

Serve food after the entertainer has left or after you have finished your major activities.

Have the cake about half an hour before the party is set to finish.    Leave the last half hour free to open presents and play the last few games. 

Enlist the help of a couple of friends to ensure everything runs smoothly.


You will always have some adults staying for the party.    Enlist those who want to help with party games and have an area away from the party for others.   Prepare some light refreshments for them to serve themselves.  


If you have animals, lock them away during the party as some children may be frightened by them.