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Ideas for theming your party

Alien Party Everybody comes coloured green, green food, and lots of green slime.  Party plates, etc. are available in alien design.  Check our list of online party stores.

Come as your favourite book character, you can refine it to a particular book, ie Harry Potter, Pooh Bear.  Check our list of online party stores for character merchandise.

Colour Party Everyone comes according to a colour scheme – red, blue, whatever.  Use food colouring to colour coordinate your food!
Down on the Farm Hire a baby animal farm, everybody wears western clothes.  Use hay bales (sugar cane mulch bales are really cheap).  Buy cheap baskets and fill each with party food for the kids. Hire a face painter and use animal themes.
Film Star

Your child is a film star and invites all his famous friends along.   You can have each child act a famous scene  from one of their  movies.  Use directors chairs with the Stars name on it, use lots of stars as decorations. Have an awards ceremony for best actor, best dressed, etc.

Jungle Party Animal face painting, everyone comes dressed as an animal, animal shaped cookies, decorate with animal print fabric, banana leaves, palm fronds.
Narnia Party With the revival of the magical Chronicles of Narnia via the newly released movie, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Narnia Parties are sure to be a hit for many years to come.

For ideas click here.

Ookey spookey

Based on Halloween but at a different time of year, everybody has to come as something scary.
Painting Party Wear really old clothes and have lots of  paint and goo
PJ party Have a sleepover and everybody arrives at 5 o’clock wearing their pjs
Sparkle Party Everyone has to wear something that sparkles, presents have to be wrapped in shinny paper, even the food can sparkle
Under the Sea Everybody comes as a sea creature.   Create jelly fish and sea creatures to hang from the ceiling.   Lots of games involving jelly, a fish hunt in the sand pit.